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How much will a new dress cost?

 At this stage it is impossible to say. The price of the finished article will depend on many factors, how easy or complicated the design is, how long it will take to make, the price of the fabrics and the amount of decoration required. Rhinestones/trimmings account for a large part of the cost of a dress, so the more decoration required the more expensive the dress. At the initial consultation I will establish a budget with my customers and try to design the dress to "fit the pocket"!! Once I have an idea of the customers requirements I will be able to give a fairly accurate estimate of the final cost.

 Where are you based?
 Near Chelmsford in Essex
How long will my dress take to make?
Normally between one and eight weeks depending on my current workload and customer availability for fittings. Particularly busy times are in the weeks preceeding the major championships such as the British Open in May and The International and British Nationals in October/November. During these periods dresses may take slightly longer to make.
How many fittings will be needed?
Normally an initial consultation is required during which we will design the dress, choose the fabrics and colours and take measurements. Following that ideally at least one further fitting will be needed and sometimes a final fitting before decoration just to ensure a perfect fit
Is it possible to make my dress without having a fitting?
Yes although fittings are desirable to guarantee an absolutely perfect fit, if it is impossible to arrange a fitting then I am happy to make the dress from measurements and would be confident of getting a good fit
When will I have to pay for the dress?
A deposit is requested at the initial consultation. This will be roughly equal to the cost of the fabrics and trimmings. The balance will be payable in full on collection of the dress or prior to delivery
 Will you ever make another dress the same as mine?
No, each dress is individually made to the customers requirements. The only time that I will make identical dresses is when requested to do so for an all girl partnership.
I need my new dress for a competition on -------- will it be ready in time?
Yes, if I say that it is possible for me to make your dress by a deadline then it will be done.  If I know that it is impossible to get the dress made in time then I would let you know this before agreeing to make the garment. I have never yet let a customer down with a delivery date and I don't intend to in the future (barring major disaster)!!  In the event of required materials not being available I would liase with you to try to seek a suitable alternative.
I know exactly the design and style of dress I want can you make it for me?
 Normally yes however if for some reason I thought that the design would not work or that the finished article would be "a complete disaster" then I would have to say no. I would not want to make a dress only to find that it was completely unwearable!  I would however, try to come up with a viable alternative that you would be happy with.
 I would like to buy one of your pre-worn/ready made  dresses by mail. What happens if it dosn't fit or I don't like it?
Simply return it to me in the same unworn condition as it was delivered within 7 days and the purchase price will be refunded in full
Do you ship dresses to other countries and is it possible to make dresses for dancers from other countries?
 Yes and Yes
 I would like to view/try on one of your pre-worn or ready to wear  dresses can I do this?
You are welcome to make an appointment to visit and view any dresses that I may currently have for sale or alternatively it may be possible to make arrangements for viewing in other areas. Please contact me to discuss this.
 How can I pay to purchase a dress?
 Cash, bank transfer, cheque or Paypal. If you wish to pay to purchase a dress with Paypal please contact me and I will send you a Paypal Invoice. Unfortunately due to the high charges applied by Paypal, payments by this method will be subject to a 3% surcharge plus an additional 3% surcharge for currency conversion on International transactions. I can also accept payment by credit or debit card but due to charges I have to apply a 3% surcharge for Credit Card payments


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