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Garment Care







If possible keep dress covered when not in use

Do not hang heavy dresses from the shoulders, especially if mesh shoulders as over time this can result in stretching of the fabric.





Do not hang in direct sunlight as this can cause fabric fading






Washing is undertaken at your own risk but most fabrics are washable with care but not all are colourfast so it is important to take particular care if your dress has more than one colour fabric, especially if one is dark and one light. Washing is undertaken at your own risk!!!! Satin Bias Binding particularly in dark colours and black can leave marks on lighter coloured fabrics so if washing a dress with satin binding ensure that this is not in contact with lighter fabric whilst wet and drying.






Some of the dyes used in dancewear fabrics, particularly the very bright and fluorescent colours such as neon red can cause dark marks on the fabric after washing. We believe that this is caused by moisture being retained in the fabric for long periods and this problem is less likely to occur if drying can be effected quickly. The fabric suppliers will not guarantee their fabrics against colour run or any other problems which occur through washing and recommend that they are not washed.






Never wash a dress that has any form of decoration in the washing machine. Most undecorated dresses made from standard dance fabrics such as lycra and georgette can be safely washed in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle and a temperature of 30 degrees.






Only wash your dress when absolutely necessary. Febreeze works very well to freshen dresses after wearing and can help avoid the necessity of washing.






Prior to washing treat any heavy stains, for example tan marks, with a pre-wash stain remover such as Vanish. 






Hand wash in lukewarm water using normal washing detergent. Oxyclean can be used as an additive and does help to remove tan stains particularly from white garments.






During washing the glue used to affix rhinestones will return to its natural form and will turn white. Don’t worry it will dry clear but handle the dress very carefully during washing, don’t rub stoned areas as this will cause stones to come off.






Rinse thoroughly in cold water.






Soak for a few minutes in tepid water with a fabric softener. This will reduce static particularly in ballroom dresses.






Squeeze very gently to remove excess moisture.






Hang and allow to drip dry over a bath or shower.  If a dress is particularly heavy, ie, ballroom dresses or fringed dresses, use a clothes horse or airer to hang the garment over or take the weight off the bottom of the dress, until much of the moisture has dried, otherwise the weight of the wet fabric can permanently stretch the dress.






Do not iron stretch fabrics. If wishing to iron satin or georgette skirts, take great care that iron is not too hot.






Be aware that fringed dresses can take up to 3-4 days to dry so don’t leave it until the night before a competition to wash them!!!!!






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