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This page details alterations and renovations that I have undertaken and shows the dresses before and after alteration


This dress was made for Lyndsey by Choice some years ago and although it has not been worn very often and was in excellent condition Lyndsey was a bit bored with it and decided that she would like it to have a "makeover"!

This is the dress before alteration commenced.


 We removed all of the stones from the hemline of the dress as well as those scattered all over the dress.  The hemline was cut and reshaped before adding fringe to the lower part of the dress. The stones which had been removed were then re-applied to give heavy stoning over the unfringed areas.  The result a dress with a totally different look!

This is how the dress looked after the alterations had been carried out



This is Aimie's latin dress which had been purchased from an E-Bay supplier in France although the dress had actually been made in China.  The dress was a  poor fit, the straps all being much too long and Aimie did not like the sequined decoration, she had expected the dress to be decorated with rhinestones. The bra cups had no substance or shape, did not fit well and were very unflattering to the bikini type top on this dress.  Aimie was unable to wear the dress as it was.  Understandably having already bought the dress Aimie's family did not want to spend a great deal of money having the dress completely remade so it was decided to make some alterations to hopefully achieve a good fit, with a different look and a dress that Aimie would feel comfortable in and be happy to wear. Aimie's Mum had already purchased some lace pieces and some rhinestones to use on the dress so it was decided to incorporate these into the alterations.

This is the dress before alteration commenced.



All of the sequins were removed from the dress and the straps all adjusted and shortened to fit Aimee. For some reason all the layers of the skirts had been wired with the exception of the bottom layer so this was wired to match the rest of the skirts.  Black and White fringing was applied over the bra cups along with some black and white lace pieces that Aimie's mother had already purchased for the dress.  After all this had been done the dress looked like this.




The dress was then returned to Aimie for her Mum to stone the dress. The photos below show the total transformation of this dress once the stoning had been completed. 



This is Katie's latin dress which I have been asked to give a "new look".  As the top of the dress is quite heavily stoned and had a nice effect with the contrasting fabrics I felt that the best solution would be to change the skirts. Katie decided that she would like fringed skirts.

Katie would of also liked the sleeves removed from the dress as she found it quite hot to dance in. However as this would have required quite major alteration after discussion it was decided to leave the rest of the  dress as it is and just alter the skirts which will hopefully give the dress a different look




Katie's New Look Dress




Holly is about to move into the junior age group and bought this nice little latin dress for her first junior dress.  Although the colours give the dress a lovely look and the design and style is very suitable for her age.  Holly wanted a little bit of sparkle and asked me if I could add a few rhinestones to the dress for her.  


As the dress is also made from a very very stretchy fabric, the top of the dress was a little loose on her and not sitting quite correctly at the top. It was decided to alter this slightly and add a band to the top and new straps to make it firmer.

Holly was very pleased with the end result and can't wait to wear her dress at her next competition



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